Department of Assamese

B. Borooah College was started in the year 1943. Functioning of the department of Assamese was started in the same year on 13th September as Assamese as MIL. Major course in Assamese was introduced in 1958. Parliamentarian Late. Hem Baruah, the second principal of B.Borooah College used to take classes in Assamese and in English. Jadav Narayan Das, the first lecturer in the department of Assamese who had joined this college in 1943. Dr. Promod Chandra Bhattacharya joined as a lecture of Assamese on 1st September, 1951. Story writer and philosopher late. Sarat Chandra Goswami even though was a lecturer of Philosophy also took classes for the department of Assamese. In 1953, Late. Jogesh Das joined as another lecturer in Assamese and the subject of advance Assamese was included in the curriculum. In 1958, Dr. Nirmal Prava Bordoloi also joined as lecturer and in the same year Assamese major subject has been introduced.

Courses offered & Seats
  • H.S ( 1st and 2nd year)

  • T.D.C (Semester) course for both Major and MIL

  • No. of seat: 30 in Assamese major in each year


Head of the Department:

  • Mr. Amulya Ch. Das, M.A,
    Associate Professor
    Specialization/ Group:Language
    Contact No. 9613221215

Other Professors:

  1. Mr.Birinchi Kr.Kalita, M.A,
    Associate Professor
    Specialization/ Group: Literature
    Contact No.9435113919
  2. Dr. Indu Prova Devi, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
    Associate Professor
    Specialization/ Group: Language
    Contact No.9954746362
  3. Anu Rani Devi , M.A
    Assistant Professor
    Specialization/ Group: Literature
    Contact No. 9706139983
  4. Mrs. Gitanjali Das, M.A., M.Phil
    Assistant Professor
    Specialization/ Group: Literature
    Contact No. 9854080562
  5. Mrs. Geetashree Tamuly, M.A (double)
    Associate Professor
    Specialization/ Group: Language
    Contact No.9401203803

Every year department organizes seminars and popular talks for the benefit of the students.

Departmental Publication:

  • ‘Alok’- annual departmental magazine

  • ‘Dapon’ – wall magazine

Departmental Library:

The department maintains a library in the Department. There are about two hundred books including textbooks and reference books, which are being used by the students regularly.

Other activities:

1.  ANNUAL LECTURE PROGRAMME has been organized in relevant topics with eminent academic personality and intellectuals as resource persons. In 2013 lecture was delivered by Dr Namita Deka,an established woman writer of Assam on the topic of Ethnic Conflicts In Assam And The Way Of Its Solution .
2.   The department organized a workshop on Research Methodology in Language and Literary Studies on  January  2014.
3.   In November,2014 a lecture-cum–demonstration programme on the topic  SONGS OF LAKSHMINATH BEZBORUA was organized by the department on the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Lakshminath Bezbaroa, the doyen of Assamese literature and culture. The resource person was Mridula Das, a reputed singer of the state and a retired faculty of Chemistry, Cotton College, Guwahati.
5.   The teacher exchange programme has been introduced, under which Parvati Nandi Majumdar, the faculty of Bengali Department of B. Borooah College delivers a lecture for 3rd and 5th semester major students on the topic of The Short Stories of Rabindranath Tagore.
6.   Sadhana, A Literary Cultural Body was formed in 2014 on the initiative of the department to promote the literary cultural activities of the students
7.   A book bank has been founded in 2014 to help the economically downtrodden students. About 15 students have been getting benefit from this scheme in the current year.
8.   Dr Dinesh Baishya, a folklorist and Dean of Arts, University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya was invited in 2014 to deliver a lecture on Traditional Culture of Assam.

1. Introduction of PG CLASSES.
2. Book-bank facilities for economically downtrodden students.
3. Introducing merit scholarships for major students           
4. student-oriented teaching method
5. Establishment of a cultural museum reflecting vibrant culture of Assam and   the North –East India.
6. Publication of a collection of articles based on course of UG and PG of Gauhati University


Will be updated shortly.



Results of the B.A part III (Assamese Major) for last 5 years -

Year Appeared Passed Pass %
2016 36 36 100
2015 22 21 95.5
2014 27 26 96.3
2013 21 21 100
2012 35 29 97