Department of Geography

Goal and Objectives: The goal and objective of the Department is to bring about socio academic upliftment of the society. This vision is attempted to the accomplishment through, enhancing the employability of graduate to such agencies as Survey of India, Family Health and Child Care Organization. GIS and Remote Sensing Agencies, National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization, Regional Planning and Development Agencies, Consultancy Service in Various Geographical related fields etc.

About the Department: The subject geography was introduced at the Pre-University level was introduced along with other science subjects in 1964. Prof Tirtha Nath Borkataki, the then Head, Department of Geography, Cotton College volunteered to take classes besides organizing the laboratory of the Department. Prof Dulal Ch. Borthakur, formerly head of the Department of Commercial Geography was also acting as the head of the Department. The three year degree Course (TDC) in Geography was introduced in the college in the year 1965. Prof Madhab Ch Sarma, MSc., joined the Department as a full time lecturer in the later part of 1966. He took much pain to build this Department and was the HOD. At present the Department five lecturers and two Laboratory bearer.

Courses offered & Seats
  • HS for both Arts and Science

  • TDC (Semester) in Major and General for both Arts and Science.

  • Number of Seats: 30 in TDC Major (Arts+Science)


Head of the Department:

  • Dr. Nripen Ram Kalita, M. Sc, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Spl. Paper: Regional Planning
    Phone No. 9435556147

Other Professors:

  1. Dr. Jugesh Pegu, MA, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Spl. Paper: Cartography
    Phone No. 9706002003

  2. Mr. Dhanjit Deka, MA
    Assistant Professor
    Spl. Paper: Fluvial Geomorphology
    Phone No. 9859570881
  3. Dr. Rubul Hazarika, MA
    Assistant Professor
    Spl. Paper: Remote Sensing & GIS
    Phone No. 9435087938
  4. Ms Chandrakala Magar, MSc
    Assistant Professor
    Spl. Paper: Cartography




Journal - Department published an Annual Journal named “BASUNDHARA”.

Wall Magazine - A wall magazine published Half Yearly by the students of the Department named “BORLUIT”.

Library - Department has a rich library which is accessible to students.

Student enrichment programmes (special lectures/ workshops/seminar) with external experts:
(a)Prof. N.N.Bhattacharjee, retired Head of the Department, Gauhati University, has delivered lecture on ‘Geographical Profile of Northeast India’, on 15th September, 2011.
(b)Dr. Ram Ashish Prasad, chief hydrological officer, National Hydrographic Office, Dehradun, delivered lecture on hydrological survey on 22nd September, 2012.
(c)Prof. B.K.Kar, Head of the department, Gauhati University,  has delivered lecture on ‘Map Projection and Surveying’, on 2nd November, 2013.
(d)Prof.(Dr) M. Rahman, retired Head of the Department, Cotton College, has delivered a lecture on ‘Developed and Developing countries of the world’, on 23rd March, 2014.
(e)Prof. Sriprakash Sharma, Gauhati University, has delivered a lecture on, ‘Utilities of Aerial Photographs in Geography’, on 2nd June, 2014.

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities:
The faculty members of the department are members as well as convener of different cells in the college. In addition some have acted as Resource persons.

Establishment of research lab for PhD scholars,
Opening of P.G. Courses, GIS diploma Course Carrying out Consultancy services in allied fields

Will be updated shortly.

Results of the TDC (Geography Major): -

Year Appeared Passed 1st Class 2nd Class Pass %
2016 30 29 29 01 100
2015 32 28 26 02 88
2014 26 25 21 04 96
2013 28 28 19 09 100
2012 31 30 27 03 97