Department of Political Science

B. Borooah College was established in the year 1943. Along with English, Assamese, Sanskrit and History, Economics were taught in the college from 1943. The Department of Economics consisted of both Economics and Political science. Late Parmeswar Sarmah was the HOD of Economics. He was also the Vice principal of the College at that time. The Gauhati University separated Economics and Political Science in !958 and a full fledged department of Political Science started in B.Borooah College in 1961. Dr. Brinendra Dutta was the first HOD of the Political science department.

Courses offered & Seats
  • H.S ( 1st and 2nd year)

  • T.D.C (Semester) course for both Major and General course

  • No. of seats : 50 in Political Science major in each year


Head of the Department:

  • Mrs. Juri Das Choudhury, M.A, M.Phil
    Assistant Professor
    Specialization: Sociology
    Contact No. 9864034323

Other Professors:

  1. Sumana Das, M.A
    Assistant Professor
    Specialization: Sociology
    Contact No. 9864034021

  2. Trisna Rani Bora, M.A, M.Phil
    Assistant Professor
    Specialization: Human rights and South Asia: Society & Politics
    Contact No. 9864696121


Department organizes seminars, invited lectures on different topics for the benefit of students

Departmental Publication:

Wall Magazine: Polity (Annual)

Departmental library: A departmental library has been maintained for the benefits of students. There are about 150 books which includes textbooks and reference books. Books are issued to the students once in a week. Mrs. Juri Das Choudhury is the teacher in-charge of the library.

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Results of the B.A (Political Science Major) :-

Year Appeared Passed 1st Class Pass %
2016 54 52 - 96
2015 47 47 - 100
2014 61 61 - 100
2013 39 37 03 95
2012 47 42 10 89